Apimondia                                          The international association for beekeepers


Beebase                                             The information resource for beekeepers


Bee Craft                                            Beekeeping Magazine


Bee Pests and Diseases                        Information of reported pest and disease problems in your area


British Beekeepers Association              The national association for beekeepers of which SEHBKA is a member


C.Arden                                              Specialist bookseller


Herfordshire Beekeepers Association      The county level beekeepers association of which SEHBKA is a division







Becky's Bees                                        Queens and nucleus supplier


Bee Basic Ltd                                       Bee equipment and clothing


B.B. Wear                                            Bee suit maker + beekeeping supplies


Beehive Bits                                         Beekeeping supplies


B.J. Sherriff                                          Bee suit maker


Blue Bell Hill Apiaries                             Beekeeping supplies and products


Brunel Microscopes                               Reputable supplier of microscopes and specimen preparation


Caddon Hives                                       Supplies good quality hives


Compak                                               Bulk supplies of bottles and jars


C. Wynne Jones                                    Beekeeping supplies + bottles and jars


Kemble Bee Supplies                             Beekeeping Supplies


Kluman and Balter                                Fondant supplier


Maisemore Apiaries                               Beekeeping supplies


Modern Beekeeping                              Beekeeping supplies including high tech stuff


National Bee Supplies                            Beekeeping Supplies


Park Beekeeping Supplies                      Beekeeping supplies


Paynes Bee Farm                                 Beekeeping Equipment and supplies


Pebadale Apiaries                                 Beekeeping equipment, Bee products and services


Pest Control Services                            A bee sympathetic pest controller


Simon the Beekeeper                            Beekeeping Supplies


Solway Bee Supplies                             Beekeeping equipment and supplies


The Bee Shop                                      Bee suits


Thornes                                               Manufacturer and retailer of beekeeping supplies