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About Us



The South East Herts Beekeepers Association (SEHBKA) was formed in 1947 to promote and support beekeeping throughout the area. 

Today we continue to do just that by providing information, advice and training to beekeepers and to anyone who may wish to learn more about bees and beekeeping.


Between May and September we hold a number of meetings at various apiaries throughout the area, where we see the different equipment and beekeeping techniques in action. Our indoor topic meetings look at various aspects of beekeeping, with our members, some of whom have been keeping bees for over 20 years, happy to share their rich knowledge and experiences.


Each year we also run our Introduction to Beekeeping Course for those who aspire to take up beekeeping or would just like to know more about it.


Working together with other divisions in Hertfordshire, we also provide access to a comprehensive suite of educational courses covering a wide range of topics, catering for beginners and experts alike.


SEHBKA owns its own state of the art honey extractor, which together with other equipment, is available for the use of our members. This is particularly useful for those just starting out or for those who choose to look after one or two hives for whom buying the equipment may not be justifiable.


Some of our members have experience breeding bees and can supply a nucleus (small hive) to get newcomers started or to replace stocks when nature doesn't follow our best laid plans.


South East Herts Beekeepers Association is a division of the Hertfordshire Beekeepers Association and part of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).

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